New England Independence Campaign

The New England Independence Campaign has worked with the OIA since 2015. This group has demonstrated an absolute respect for Indigenous peoples of New England.

California National Party

The California National Party is the first movement to request a state audit from the OIA. This organization has made great strides to implement suggested pro-Indigenous policies. 

Cascadia Department of Bioregion

The Cascadia Department of Bioregion works closely with the NEIC and CNP. This movement has been motivated to make determined efforts to advance rights for Indigenous peoples.

Decent Federalism Project

The Decent Fed Project works closely with the NEIC, CNP, and CDB. The DFP has shown interest in integrating Indigenous communities within their specific solution to the American Federal Government.


The Brown Berets is an amazing organization that fights for the rights of Chicanos. Our specific interactions have been with the Autonomous Sonoma County Chapter. They have been true Indigenous family.

Yes Scotland

Although the movement is concerned specifically with Scotland, we at the OIA endorse it. The Scottish traditional culture is very similar to Native American cultures. Celtic nations, in general, are great allies to the Indigenous people of America.


This support of Yes Cymru is justifiable the same way the support of Yes Scotland is. The Welsh have maintained a national identity that could not be faltered. Supporting the Independence of Wales and other Celtic states is viewed as a basic policy for the OIA.

Basque National Party

The Basque people are an Indigenous group from Europe. They have a unique language, identity, and culture. The Basque people deserve the right to autonomy on their traditional lands. Recognizing that they predate their occupiers, the OIA supports the Basque.

Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana

Puerto Rico has been a colony of the United States for some time. Taken from the Spanish who originally took it from the Taíno. The Independence of Borikén is important to the development of a de-colonized atmosphere. The MVC has adopted a de-colonizing platform, as such we support them.

Mec Vannin

Mec Vannin is another independence organization. This group represents the Manx people, a destinct Celtic group which inhabit the isle of Man. Similarly to Yes Scotland and Cymru, Mec Vannin represents an oppressed and underrepresented people.

Mebyon Kernow

Mebyon Kernow is a Cornish nationalist party that is combating the erasure of the Cornish culture. England has incorporated Cornwall and assimilated the majority of the Cornish people. Mebyon Kernow works to establish Cornish sovereignty, to some degree. 

Republican Sinn Féin

Republican Sinn Féin is a unifying Republican force in Ireland. Apart of the OIA's prerogative to recognize and support Celtic movements, our observers have found that the Republican Sinn Féin most accurately represent the sentiment of Irish unity and sovereignty.

Choctaw & Chickasaw freedmen

Freedmen are descendants of Africans and dark skin Natives who were forced into slavery by the United States. Freedmen are Indigenous by the blood they shed. The OIA supports fully the rights of Freedmen.


The Muscogee Creek Freedmen face a similar situation to the Choctaw and Chickasaw Freedmen. Due to the principle of Indigenous Through Bloodshed, the OIA recognizes and supports the MCBF.

Free Hawaii

The Hawaiian nation has been under illegal occupation since 1898. We at the OIA believe that the nation of Hawaii must secure and maintain sovereignty. We support, in full, the government selected by the Hawaiian people.


Justice For All Tribes is an Indigenous grassroots organization dedicated to discussing, promoting, and maintaining security of Indigenous people's and their communities. JFAT was founded by Assistant Chief Executive Hunter Campbell. 

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