Nitakechi, Chief Executive

Nitakechi founded the FIIC in 2013. He was the program's leader for seven years until it was reformed as the OIA. He is Choctaw and sees himself as a reconnected urban Native. He also attends Illinois State University where he studies History and Social Science Education.


Gerald, Assistant Chief Executive

Gerald is a Pee Dee Tribal Citizen who studies languages. His work with the OIA originates in the Muskogean Chapter, but later moved to establish the East Siouan Chapter. He currently studies Creek Language at the Mvskoke College. 


Mia, Chief Financier

Mia is an activist at heart, despite the fact that she is not Indigenous; she was a key member of the FIIC. She joined the Executive Council of the OIA after it was created. Mia is currently enrolled at Illinois Central College and hopes to pursue a career in accounting.