Nitakechi, Chief Executive

Nitakechi founded the FIIC in 2013. He was the program's leader for seven years until it was reformed as the OIA. He is Choctaw and sees himself as a reconnected urban Native. He also attends Illinois State University where he studies History and Social Science Education.

Hunter, Assistant Chief Executive

Hunter is a Tennessee-based Oglala Lakota. He is the Chapter President of the Tennessee Chapter and is very active in the martial arts culture in Nashville. Hunter became a member of the OIA in 2021. He is employed in the defense sector.

Mia, Chief Financier

Mia is an activist at heart, despite the fact that she is not Indigenous; she was a key member of the FIIC. She joined the Executive Council of the OIA after it was created. Mia is currently enrolled at Illinois Central College and hopes to pursue a career in accounting.

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